Are You Mobile?

In In the Field by synaptic_wp

Individuals are spending more and more time on their smartphones and tablets as opposed to their computers. Innovative care providers are responding by encouraging their employees to be mobile and utilize handheld devices to conduct business, transmit information, and remain in contact with their teams across the world. What is their “world”?

Your team could still be mobile, even if you don’t have travel. Think of a medical facility where employees are constantly moving in and out of patient rooms and need to track various data and information – how is that information transmitted in real-time and stored securely? Could there be a better way than traditional pen and paper with the follow up input into the patient’s medical file?

How do organizations leverage mobile technology to stay ahead of the curve, respond in real-time, and reduce costs? They look for opportunities that are easy to implement and can assist with aggregating the data to make well-informed decisions.

At Synaptic Advisory Partners, our flagship product, Synapse, is being used by health innovators across the United States in various sectors to help their employees, partners and patients stay connected with the data and information they need to improve health. From conducting assessments to scheduling visits, Synapse makes these forms accessible on-the-go.