Synaptic Advisors' solution supports the fastest growing segment of Alight's business


Managing benefits on behalf of multinational corporations around the world, Alight needed a platform that could integrate data from multiple systems into a single hierarchical benefits management solution.


1 Platform

For All Health Advocacy Business

4 Months

Design and Deployment 

About Alight Advocacy Group

Alight (formerly Aon Hewitt) is a provider of human capital and management consulting services headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL. It operates 500 offices in 120 countries providing consulting, outsourcing, and reinsurance brokerage services.


The Challenge

Alight manages benefits on behalf of multi-national corporations. They felt that their ability to connect with members in a truly personalized way was key to their growth, but they did everything in a disconnected fashion.

Our Solution

  • Synaptic created a hierarchical benefits management platform on Salesforce in under four months.
  • The Synaptic team integrated data from multiple systems creating fully detailed records of their customers, their family, personal histories and benefit options at their fingertips.

The Outcomes

  • Alight has made this solution their tool for all Health Advocacy business.
  • Our solution supports the fastest growing segment of Alights business.
  • Alight is using this technology as a differentiated feature when selling to new clients

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