Redwood Toxicology Labs

Synaptic Advisors transformed 10 years worth of disparate data and migrated it to Sales Cloud


By redesigning old workflows and migrating them to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Redwood Toxicology Lab’s ten year backlog of poorly integrated, disparate data successfully reduced time consuming tasks down to a single click.


100% Increase

Sales Team Productivity

11,000 Hours

Work Saved In One Year

About Redwood Toxicology Laboratory

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, the government services division of Alere Toxicology, is one of the nation's largest drug and alcohol testing labs. In addition to selling nine million on-site Reditest® devices each year, Redwood offers drug testing services to over 15,000 agencies across the nation.


The Challenge

  • Multiple, poorly integrated systems to manage sales and customer data.
  • Data management system was error-prone and inefficient.
  • Sales team was spending a combined 89 hours per day on manual data entry and data management.

Our Solution

  • Synaptic Advisors transformed 10 years worth of disparate data and migrated it to Sales Cloud.
  • Synaptic redesigned old workflows within Salesforce and streamlined them through several integrations.
  • Provided Redwood Toxicology Laboratory a 360-degree view of their customers inside Salesforce.
  • Enabled Redwood Toxicology Laboratory to perform time-consuming tasks in a single click.

The Outcomes

  • 100% increase in productivity for sales team.
  • 11,000 hours of work saved in one year.
  • Management is making better, data-driven decisions with KPI dashboards and reports.
  • Sales Reps are personalizing and automating customer communications faster.
  • Redwood Toxicology Laboratory is benefitting from cleaner, richer sales and customer data.

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