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Relatient supports healthier patient populations by creating simplistic and effective communications between health facilities and the patients they serve using Synaptic Advisors' Salesforce implementation.



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About Relatient

Relatient is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes modern, mobile outreach to improve patient and provider communication. With an understanding of patient's natural habits and behaviors, Relatient delivers relevant information at the right time to patients to trigger the appropriate next step–no portals, usernames, or passwords required. Relatient's platform helps healthcare organizations reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve the patient experience. Accurate oversight, consistent data capture, and clean processes are fundamental requirements of Relatient’s Salesforce process to maintain the current growth projectory.


The Challenge

With their Salesforce environment initially combined with the org of their parent company, Relatient found that in order to keep up with the pace of their growth, they needed their own org. Upon separating the Salesforce environments, the Relatient team realized they would need help if they wanted to build out workflows and reporting processes that would support their growth over the long-term.

The Relatient and Synaptic team built a strategic plan to eliminate doubling back or creating processes that would require redevelopment later. Keeping the budget lean with predecessor processes in sight was the goal. With a clear roadmap in place, the team set out to develop a Salesforce platform that was strategic, scalable, effective, and stayed within Relatient’s budget.

Our Solution

The first step was to develop a sales process solution that reduced system sprawl and offered an automated and streamlined workflow for the sales team. The current sales process felt disjointed, lacking actionable data from the workflows to the sales team. As a result, the team opted for other tools that were familiar but couldn't offer the same efficiency or ROI. They were spending budget on the Salesforce platform but losing out on the power of the tools.

The second step was to migrate all product data into Salesforce. A more efficient and automated sales pipeline process was implemented, freeing up hours of administrative tasks for the sales team. They were now able to track sales pipeline movement, next steps, and products attached to opportunities.

Synaptic next migrated the Sales Development team’s Google Doc database into Salesforce to initiate a single source of truth for Relatient data. With all the sales data now available, the Synaptic team created process builders and workflows to streamline all sales development processes and automated client notifications. Last, the team built custom reports to equip the sales and management teams with crucial data they needed to grow the business. As an additional value, the Synaptic team recognized the need for “Best Practice” training sessions so that the Relatient team would understand how to use and leverage their new sales process.

With a world-class technical support team in place, Relatient needed documentation and automated triggers to support the standards they set for customer service. With Synaptic’s help, Relatient was able to create Customer Support Dashboards for internal users. The team developed a customer support architecture to help Relatient monitor case status and meet SLA timing by establishing warning workflows. Customer risk management was automated by setting up case escalation rules within Salesforce.

A huge takeaway for the Support team was the integration between Relatient’s help desk ticketing system and Salesforce Cases, Chatter and Comments. This increased case-to-ticket congruency as well as provided a method to track customizations of products for customers.

The Outcomes

With the initial work accomplished in the sales and support process phases, Relatient quickly understood that the onboarding process used by their implementation team could benefit from standardization and automations within Salesforce.

Synaptic’s first step was to develop a “Sales Activation” button to notify their billing team immediately after a sale was moved to a Closed/Won status. Several layers of automation were implemented to guide the team through the entire onboarding process, including logic to provide next steps based on status updates, tracking, milestone alerts, and other implementation steps. These automations support an implementation process that is timely, efficient, and organized—ensuring the very best customer experience.

"The Synaptic team took what appeared to be an impossible outcome, with a mountain of a tool, and made our investment in Salesforce an effective growth tool. They have given me better ability to help my team work effectively in their day-to-day use of Salesforce. We have reached the Salesforce goals we put forward by partnering with Synaptic."

Chandler McLarren

Director of Sales Operations

By using the Synaptic's proprietary methodology, the Relatient project has been implemented in phases within the scope and budget of each phase. This has allowed the team to continue to improve their Salesforce processes and automation with increasing return.

By implementing a streamlined and efficient sales activation process, Relatient is processing sales at a faster rate with fewer errors and seeing revenue benefits in shorter return time. The new support process is contributing to improved customer satisfaction and as a result, renewal expansion opportunities are increasing. The new onboarding processes will integrate all objects for reporting and analysis to provide better visibility for action items and key milestones.

Most importantly, the adoption of the new Salesforce processes and automation have been overwhelmingly positive. Better data is driving accurate reporting and forecasting, increasing productivity, and ensuring the team has the right information to reach goals and objectives.

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