Dreamforce ’16 Session: 5 Reasons Your App Needs to be Lightning Ready

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Does upgrading your app to support the Lightning Experience sound daunting? Synaptic AP went through the process of upgrading the Youreka App to get it Lightning Ready and the experience resulted in immense value for both our team and the end-user experience.

Youreka saw both increased engagement from customers and improved confidence on our sales team. Who knew that being Lightning Ready is a major differentiator? The experience also inspired and empowered the product development team to continuously better the product.

5 reasons you should be Lightning Ready

1.  Salesforce® is investing in the Lightning Experience (LEX).

This is a major upgrade for Salesforce with a massive investment to update all of their old code to work in the new environment. All net new customers are having LEX enabled by default, so it’s beneficial to have your app in line with the investment.

2.  Customers are excited for LEX.

Feedback shows new and existing customers are thrilled about the new UI that they see in Salesforce demos. It’s like getting a newer, modern model of a car.

3.  It’s fun to use new technologies! 

Developers and users alike enjoy working with fresh and unique UIs – especially when we’re talking about improvements to an existing user interface or user experience.

4.  Improve your AppExchange visibility.

Having the Lightning Ready badge on your AppExchange app improves visibility, gains user trust, and improves branding. Appear in Lighting Ready searches and join a growing list of apps that stand out in AppExchange listings!

5.  Don’t be left in the dust!

Inaction could have a negative impact. Your app could be broken in LEX and your old styles will stand out as Lightning adoption grows. Don’t be a late mover on this one! You want your app to offer the most up-to-date experience to its users!

Updating an AppExchange App to Feel Like a Modern Lightning App

Synaptic AP developers Phil Bergner and Drew Fattlar are hosting a Dreamforce® ’16 session where the audience will learn how to quickly get an app working for all users, whether they are using the Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic. Based on their own experience in upgrading Youreka, they will demonstrate best practices for design and navigation and help to avoid incompatibility bugs. By the end, you’ll be prepared to upgrade your app and receive the Lighting Ready Badge!

Tuesday, October 4th from 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Moscone West, Developer Lightning Theater

Not attending Dreamforce this year? Contact us to learn more about our experience and learn more about being Lightning Ready.