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Salesforce Industries shines at accelerating solution delivery, but the underlying platform can be difficult for partners, enterprises and government agencies to scale, operate and evolve. We can help you get it right.


Getting SFI right requires unique skills that are difficult to find – and not taught in classrooms. This specialized understanding comes from years on the front-lines solving real-world deployment problems.

Our team bring decades of collective experience working with leading health organizations, government agencies, telecoms, and financial institutions, we have learned the patterns - and subtleties - of success with SFI at enterprise scale

SFI Expert Services Catalog

SFI Health Assessment

Tap our experts and our SFI Health Check Tool to analyze your org, architecture and practices.   Projects can be scoped to include any or all of the following: architecture best practices, performance, scalability, compliance, ability to migrate/upgrade, DevOps maturity, maintenance and operations.  

Legacy Vlocity & OmniStudio Migration

Tap our experts and our SFI Migration Tool to analyze your legacy managed packages, build a migration blueprint, and complete your migration with speed, efficiency, and precision. 

SFI Performance Tuning

Tap our experts and our SFI Performance Tool to analyze your org,  determine the root cause of your performance issues, and build a roadmap to ensure best practices for a consistent and compelling end-user experience

SFI Architecture Coaching

Tap our experts to provide architecture best practices and coaching on the key technical and architectural issues you are struggling with. Build and maintain your SFI center of excellence and on-going technology governance with our support. 

SFI DevOps Coaching

Tap our experts to provide DevOps best practices and coaching on the key issues you are struggling with.  We'll assess your process and tools pipeline and help you address the unique issues of achieving CI/CD automation for SFI applications. 

SFI Managed Services

Tap our experts for on-going operations, maintenance, enhancements, and governance. Maintain your Salesforce Industries center of excellence throughout the lifecycle of your SFI solution.

Custom App Migration to SFI

Tap our experts and our SFI Custom App Migration Tool to analyze your existing applications and determine what it would take to migrate to the SFI platform and industry cloud solutions such as Public Sector Solutions and Health Cloud

Let's discuss how our AppIQ services can help you with your SFI journey.

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