Today’s healthcare demands patient and member-centric solutions to boost outcomes and engagement.

Synaptic Advisors provides Salesforce solutions that improve your operations while providing information and tools that improve your patient and member populations’ health. These solutions can be implemented for a cost structure that fits within your financial structure. With a 360-degree view of every patient, provider, and member, you can engage and delight these communities in every interaction.

At Synaptic Advisors, we begin by understanding what will drive positive impact. We leverage our decades of experience in healthcare engagement to deliver a measurable solution that creates value for your organization.

Whether you are a payer, provider, biotech, or diagnostic services organization, our healthcare subject matter experts have decades of clinical, patient and member engagement experience. Our 100+ Salesforce certifications– including Health Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service– prepare our experienced engineering team to deliver complex solutions across the healthcare continuum. We are passionate and focused, ready to support your adoption of Salesforce to its full potential.

Simplifying Complex Healthcare Operations



Patient & Member Engagement Center

Gain a 360- degree view of members, patients and providers that empowers the call center agents to make every interaction delightful.

Patient, Member & Provider Portal Solutions

Deliver instant access to important medical and insurance information. Gain significant time and cost savings through intelligent portals that are tailored to the patients’, members’, or providers’ specific needs.

Member Enrollment

Support brokers, internal sales teams, members, and group administrators with a pleasing and simplified shopping, plan selection, and enrollment process designed for payers’ prospective members.

Patient Acquisition

Maximize patient acquisition. Drive revenue while growing and retaining your patient base through inbound referral and outreach optimization for providers.

Mobile & Home Health Solutions

Improve patient and member engagement by providing opportunities for mobile interaction, including care management and assessments (e.g., Health Risk Assessments) that leverage the latest in mobile routing and optimization both online and offline.


Individuals managed on Salesforce built by Synaptic Advisors

Healthcare Segments We Support

Equip your team with modern tools and smart data, transforming the way you engage with patients and members.


Provide your care team with streamlined access to the data they need to provide effective care to every patient. Automation, guided flows, and artificial intelligence will transform your patient care. Meanwhile, patient privacy will remain secure with HIPAA-compliant Salesforce Health Cloud care programs.


Expand your toolkit to create value for your organization. Synaptic Advisors will improve your mobile health workers’ efficiency, create new revenue opportunities, and improve your call center performance using Salesforce proficiencies.

Biotech and Diagnostics

Market your products to the right people, at the right time. With Salesforce, Synaptic Advisors will empower you to pursue medical innovation while optimizing sales operations. Detailed visualization tools and automation features will embolden your team to pursue innovation while penetrating your total market across the delivery lifecycle.

Public Health Initiatives

Advance community health anywhere. With large-scale mobile connectivity and responsive form design, you can streamline public health programs to better care for constituents.

Concierge and Aesthetic Medicine

Identify and attract clients looking for aesthetics services with Salesforce’s powerful marketing and sales tools. From initial consultation to medical procedures and post-surgical follow-up, your clients will find support at every turn. Our Salesforce solutions allow you to build fruitful, long-term relationships by interacting with clients as they desire additional services.

Home Health Solutions

Efficiency and accuracy are essential when delivering healthcare services outside your facility. With responsive mobile tools and process automation, you can improve your mobile teams’ capabilities across the board. Synaptic will empower you to achieve greater field service success.


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