Integra ServiceConnect® selects Synapse as its cloud-based care & member engagement solution

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Annapolis, MD – January 10, 2017  – Synaptic AP is thrilled to announce the addition of Integra ServiceConnect to their Synapse customer portfolio.

Integra ServiceConnect has partnered with Synaptic AP to utilize SynapseTM, the industry’s most flexible and easy-to-use solution for organizations that are overseeing distributed, difficult to manage segments of the population.  Built on®, Synapse will enable Integra ServiceConnect to better support their highly-innovative business model.

Using a “feet-on-the-street” team of Community Coordinators, Integra ServiceConnect’s core operational focus is to connect needy, hard-to-reach members with appropriate services on behalf of its clients, which include health plans and provider groups. Often, conventional mail and call center outreach methods fail to connect members with the services they need and which their health plans and providers are eager to supply, negatively impacting all stakeholders. As the solution, Integra ServiceConnect provides an innovative approach to supplementing traditional outreach programs, building relationships with the hardest to engage and highest utilizing members to ensure improved quality, revenue, cost, and member satisfaction.

As part of their rollout, Integra ServiceConnect will leverage Synapse to drive its field team performance toward superior engagement rates, achieving the clients’ objectives. Typically, these objectives include care gap closure, annual wellness visits, care plan adherence, care management and primary care connections.

“We are very excited by Integra ServiceConnect’s decision to select Synapse as the platform to support these mission-critical elements of their business. Integra ServiceConnect has proven its value proposition and we are eager to help them fully realize their vision at scale,” said Tom Boosinger, Founder and CEO of Synaptic AP.  “This is a great space and I believe the challenges that Synapse addresses are critically important to any organization working with higher risk populations or in a mobile care delivery mode.”

Synapse is built to scale and meet the unique needs of businesses in the field-based member engagement industries. It offers a truly unique solution for organizations looking for a simple, smart and intuitive tool to improve health outcomes and lower costs by connecting individuals and care teams.

“Implementation of Synapse will optimize and showcase the value of our member engagement services, ultimately improving quality, cost, satisfaction and financial outcomes for Integra ServiceConnect participants and clients. We will more efficiently serve high-risk/high-need members, connecting them to the services from which they will benefit, and which plans and providers are poised to deliver. That member engagement, in turn, delivers sustainable outcomes for our valued clients,” said Dr. Rick Hassett, President and CEO of Integra ServiceConnect.  “We are excited to have the scalable, cloud technology solution Synapse in place that will support our rapid growth and allow us to leverage its reporting suite, demonstrating our program performance.”

About Synaptic AP

Synaptic AP specializes in the development and deployment of secure cloud-based enterprise applications on the platform for organizations worldwide.  Established in 2008 and headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Synaptic AP provides tailored solutions to meet customers’ unique business needs on the platform. Synaptic AP offers Synapse, a revolutionary solution for organizations looking for a simple, smart and intuitive tool to help lower costs, improve health outcomes and truly engage their patients and care teams. Synaptic AP also powers Youreka, a leading cloud-based platform that allows Salesforce users to build initiatives, on-the-go forms and assessments.  For more information on Synaptic AP, visit


About Integra ServiceConnect

Integra ServiceConnect is an unconventional member engagement company that connects hard-to-reach, high-need individuals with their providers and their health plans.  Working with Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, Dual Demonstrations, D-SNPs, providers and others, Integra ServiceConnect provides an innovative approach to supplementing traditional outreach methods. Integra’s feet-on-the-street team finds individuals that health plans and providers are unable to reach, engages them as active partners in their healthcare, and connects them to appropriate clinical and social services.  For the member, Integra’s work produces better health outcomes.  For the plan and its providers, it improves quality, revenue, cost and member satisfaction outcomes.  For more information on Integra ServiceConnect, visit