Legacy Vlocity / OmniStudio Migration Service

Opening the Path Forward

Staying current with platform updates is essential for application health but it's easy to put on the back burner.  Over time, tech debt accumulates complicating support and upgrades.  Many early-adopters of Salesforce Industries ("Vlocity" at the time) are facing this exact challenge.  Our migration service opens a new path forward.  Combining our experts with best practices and AI-powered tools, we reduce the cost and complexity of transitioning your applications to the latest Salesforce Industries has to offer - including saying goodbye to AngularJS!

Why Migrate?

Organizations gain many benefits when migrating from the legacy Vlocity / OmniStudio managed package to the latest Salesforce Industries platform including:

  • Improved performance
  • Modern user experience
  • Access to new capabilities
  • Less complexity / technical debt
  • Access to technical support (end of life)
  • Automatic upgrades 
The Migration Challenge

Migrating from legacy Vlocity / OmniStudio can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly undertaking.  There is much to know both about where you have been and where you are going to get it right.  Some of the common challenges include:   

  • Lack of skills/technical knowledge in the old and/or new platform
  • Labor cost and time required for manual migration
  • Lack of best practices to ensure success
  • Risk of application errors and/or data corruption 
  • Confidence in the value of the forward path
The Path Forward
with Synaptic

Proven Experts + Intelligent Tools = Better Outcome

Synaptic combines the experts, best practices, and purpose-built tools to significantly reduces the risk, cost and time required to transition your environment.  The traditional approach to migration relies on low skilled labor which increases delivery time, cost and project risk.

How it Works

Legacy Vlocity / OmniStudio Migration Process Overview

Our services take you through the entire process from assessment through validation.  Throughout the process, our experts are tapping proven best practices and our Ai-powered tools

The first step is to analyze your org and build an actionable migration blueprint.   The blueprint outlines the recommended approach, transformations, and phases for your migration. Once we are aligned on the plan, our team works closely with yours to execute the transition and validate the new application.   


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