Partnering with Leading Technology Providers 

Synaptic works closely with Salesforce and other leading technology providers.  We build long term, strategic relationships with our technology partners.  We invest to become true experts in our partners' technologies so that our shared clients can tap the full potential their platforms.



Synaptic has been a strategic partner with Salesforce for over 10 years, most recently in collaboration Salesforce Industries.  We have partnered in many ways over the years including through the SI partner program, the ISV program and as a co-investor with Salesforce Ventures.  



Synaptic has partnered with Verifiable to bring best-in-class provider credentialing solutions to the Salesforce Health Cloud ecosystem.  Verifiable offers a rich set of data and services that plug directly into Salesforce.  Synaptic provides end-to-end consulting and offers the only accelerator for privilege management. 



Synaptic is the leading SI for Youreka, a popular Salesforce AppExchange product that specializes in complex mobile workflows and guided procedures. Youreka was originally built as part of Synaptic before being spun out in partnership with Salesforce Ventures in 2021. 



Synaptic has partnered with Breadwinner to bring deep, native, extensible Salesforce integration with NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero and Stripe.

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