AI-Enabled Privileging with Salesforce

The Next Generation of Privileging Automation

Navigating the maze of clinical privileges is a daunting task for healthcare facilities. Between outdated methods and the complexity of compliance, it’s a path fraught with challenges. Synaptic Advisors, in partnership with Salesforce, Verifiable, and Youreka have introduced a solution that not only simplifies, but we believe revolutionizes this journey.

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Complete Clinical Privileging

This flexible solution utilizes the most advanced Cloud and AI engagement platform to intelligently orchestrate the complete privileging lifecycle. This includes:

  • AI Enabled Bylaw Management
  • Secure & Compliant Provider Portal
  • Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) Automation
  • Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) Automation
  • Dynamic Forms, Documents & Consents
  • Integration to Hospital Admin Systems

Privilege Granting Process


Built on the world’s leading provider network management platform

Leveraging the best-of-breed cloud automation tools for credential validation and dynamic forms automation.

Leading PNM platform and the world’s largest relationship management system:
  • Automation Engine
  • Provider & Facility Portals
  • HIPAA Secure
  • World Class Reporting & Analytic

Salesforce native credentialing with primary source verification:
  • Real-Time Verification
  • 3,200+ Verification Types
  • Onboard Providers Faster
  • Streamline Payer Enrollment

Salesforce native secure, intelligent forms:
  • Pre-Built Form Library
  • Intuitive Form Studio
  • Dynamic Form Logic
  • Integrated Document Capture

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