Struggling with Salesforce® User Adoption? Engage Your Employees with Salesforce’s Trailhead Tracker

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It is no secret that Trailhead is revolutionizing the way people learn about Salesforce®. Since launching in 2014, 10 million challenges have been completed and 2.5 million badges earned. And last month, Salesforce® Labs released a new app called Trailhead Tracker, which is designed to increase those numbers even more.

So What Is Trailhead Tracker and Why Should I Install It?

Trailhead Tracker is a free app you can install in your production Salesforce® org. It allows a company to assign, track, and report on badges earned by their employees. But what makes it fun is that it can really gamify the whole learning process and create a little friendly competition among your employees.

Imagine this. You are the IT Manager for a company that has recently installed Salesforce®. For various reasons, not all the company’s employees are jumping on the Salesforce® bandwagon and user adoption has been painfully slow. Your bosses have asked you to change this. What do you do?

As I am sure you can guess, we are going to suggest that you go immediately to the Salesforce® AppExchange and install Trailhead Tracker. You will need to spend some time configuring it, and you can access detailed instructions here. Part of the setup process involves creating a special integration user that can be used to sync the Trailhead data every night.

Once things are all set up and the nightly scheduled job has run at least once, you will be able to go in and assign user badges for each employee. This is how you will direct your employees towards specific modules or projects in Trailhead that you think they need to go for.


Say for example your company is planning to roll out the Lightning Experience soon. You can go into Trailhead Tracker and assign all your salespeople to the Lightning Experience for Sales module. To drive up the competition, you can assign a due date and then send out an email to all the Salespeople telling them that the first employee to finish the module will win a $10 Amazon card. Or, if you are feeling especially generous, offer a $10 card to anyone that completes the module before the due date and $100 to the first one finished. We bet that will get them hopping to it.

You will be able to determine who won the challenge by looking at the finished date and time data that gets synced back to your org. You can also check out the Trailhead Overview dashboard that comes with a bunch of reports like, “Badge Completion Trend”, “Trailblazers Getting Badgy”, and “Total Badges in Progress.”

What Other Things Do I Need to Know?

One important thing you should know is that Trailhead Tracker only gets data associated with the users in your production org. If you have an employee that has accumulated Trailhead badges using another user login (say like their own personal account), you will not be able to see that data. There is, however, an option for merging Trailhead accounts and you can find out more about that here.

The Trailhead Tracker app is a work in progress and there are plans to release more features as time goes on, so you might want to keep an eye out for updates. You should get an email letting you know when a new upgrade is put out, but you might want to check your spam folder to make sure you did not miss a notification.

For questions on getting setup, refer to this helpful FAQ doc.

Happy Trails…