Synaptic AP Contributes to Reliance ACO Quality of Care and Cost Savings

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(Annapolis, MD – September 3, 2015)—Synaptic AP, a cloud-based healthcare software provider, partnered with Reliance Accountable Care Organization to provide population stratification and care management solutions to address the needs of high-risk patients. According to a recently released analysis of 2014 quality and financial performance data, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized Reliance ACO with the second highest financial savings for a first-year ACO in the country.

Gene Farber, Chief Operating Officer for Reliance ACO, confirmed “Reliance was 1st in Michigan and 2nd out of 120 ACOs nationwide in financial savings. Since 2012, a total of 333 ACOs were operational, and Reliance ranked 19th overall.” In 2014, ACOs generated more than $411 million dollars in financial savings.

SynapseTM, a cloud-based health software solution focused on population stratification and chronic care management, provided the foundation for Reliance to target high-risk patients, assist in the care team management of patients and begin the process of cost containment. Synapse provided real-time information to the entire Reliance care management team, sharing intervention plans specific to the patient’s disease stage.

“When you consider that only 1 in 4 Medicare ACOs were able to generate enough savings to earn a bonus last year, it really highlights the amazing work that Reliance has been able to accomplish using Synapse,” said Tom Boosinger, CEO of Synaptic. “There is no question that managing health in the cloud is more than just a trend, it’s a new paradigm that has enormous potential.”

Reliance ACO, a Michigan-based group of independent physicians, strives to provide high-quality healthcare without costly duplication of patient services. Reliance implemented the Synaptic software, Synapse, to stratify and effectively manage high-risk patients by developing intervention plans utilizing preventative treatments to reduce future care. By generating highly-accurate reports, the cost to treat high-risk patients was significantly reduced while identifying patients that needed additional healthcare assistance.

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