We Must Connect— A Conversation on Patient Engagement with Dr. David Nash

In Healthcare by synaptic_wp

When we designed Synapse, we created it with the intention of giving providers a tool they could use to store and manipulate patient data to develop hyper-personalized care plans and messaging.

I spoke with Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University, to get his take on the key role hyper-personalization plays–today and in the future–in patient engagement and care plan management.

“I call it the N-of-1 approach, where each plan is totally unique to that individual,” said Dr. Nash. “We need to stop thinking about people simply by condition, and view them as unique individuals with specialized combinations of needs, preferences, and habits. We have to be laser focused in on each patient to succeed.”

It was clear after my talk with David that the right technology is of utmost importance in the hyper-personalization process. “Technology that doesn’t positively impact the quality and quantity of the work caregivers execute is a trap and likely a waste of time. A superior culture of process is critical for organizations that are making this transition. Great technology must incorporate that culture of process and support its maturation and evolution within the organization to be successful,” commented David.

At SynapticAP we have the same attitude. We’re constantly tweaking our tools to ensure that our technology is evolving along with your company’s processes and allowing you to make the transition to hyper-personalized care plans. With our care management application, Synapse, your patient data is just a few taps on your mobile device away. Hyper-personalization is literally at your fingertips.