Youreka and Salesforce® Einstein AI: A New and Powerful Duo

In Youreka by dan.bergner

How Youreka’s new Einstein integration drives sales, reduces inefficiencies, and enhances the customer experience

Ever since Salesforce® unveiled Einstein AI, we’ve thought long and hard about how to leverage it for the benefit of our customers. Above all, we wanted to make AI actionable. With this in mind, we chose to integrate Einstein with YourekaTM, our Salesforce®-native application for forms, assessments, inspections, and surveys.

Youreka already offers smart features, such as “Discoveries,” that give users substantive insights and suggest the next best actions to take in real time. Einstein adds another layer of intelligence to this framework that keeps crucial details from slipping through the cracks.

Today, Youreka draws upon the Einstein AI engine to offer three powerful features: image classification, sentiment analysis, and intent analysis. The following use cases lay out some of the major benefits of these features.

Image Classification

Drive sales and ensure compliance in retail store audits

Youreka enables field sales and service reps to take and upload photos to Salesforce® within the Youreka Mobile app. Before the Einstein integration, a Salesforce® admin or some person would have to manually sift through all the photos in their system to extract any value from them. Now, Einstein reviews and classifies these images for you without you having to leave the Youreka app.

Picture how this might impact a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company. A large CPG firm will dispatch hundreds of sales reps to retail stores that carry their products. During a retail audit, the rep might snap photos of store shelves containing the firm’s wares. At this point, Youreka and Einstein will work in tandem to glean profitable knowledge from the photos.

For example, Einstein can look at an image and determine the best product placement opportunities inside the store. Einstein Vision can also recognize when products and displays are out of compliance, which then allows the sales rep to address the issue with a manager while still on site.

In this example, Youreka and Einstein help optimize product placement and fix a compliance breach that was likely hurting the firm’s sales. And the sales rep doesn’t have to jump between different software programs to achieve this. They use a single app: Youreka, enhanced with Einstein AI.

Expedite site inspections

Consider a field service organization that does home and building inspections. When a technician finds a problem with a given property, like a mold outbreak, they must adhere to certain protocols in addressing the issue. If they can’t classify the mold, then they have to wait before taking further action. This bogs down the process and sours the customer experience.

Thankfully, Einstein Vision can identify the mold type in real time and prompt Youreka to tell the inspector the next best actions to take for that mold varietal. This reduces inefficiency, ensures compliance, and improves the customer experience. Not to mention, it strengthens the business intelligence of the host firm.

Uncover critical details during field service repairs

Imagine another scenario where an inexperienced field technician goes out to fix a customer’s dryer. Let’s assume that at the beginning of the service appointment, they make a note in Youreka that the customer’s home runs on natural gas. When they later take a photo of the dryer, Einstein Vision recognizes a propane converter in the picture. As soon as this happens, Youreka tells the technician that the mismatch between the dryer’s propane converter and the house’s fuel source creates a fire hazard. 

The technician – who may have normally overlooked this detail – switches out the converter and prevents the customer’s beautiful Victorian home from going up in flames.


Sentiment and Intent Analysis

Customer surveys: spot unhappy clients before it’s too late

Before, if your customers wrote unstructured comments within a Youreka survey, you’d have to review them manually. Now, Einstein will analyze free text in surveys for you and gauge how your customers feel about your products and services (sentiment analysis). Moreover, it will measure the urgency of a customer’s language (intent analysis).

Think of an investment bank sending a Youreka survey to thousands of clients. Einstein can comb through each of these surveys, flag unhappy clients, and relay the most severe cases to management. The leadership team can then rush to woo those disgruntled clients. 

The bank saves time and resources on analyzing data, retains clients, and avoids revenue losses.

Do more up-selling with public forms

As with customer surveys, Einstein AI can analyze Youreka public forms on your website. For example, a solar panel retailer that gets flooded with customer service requests (via a Youreka form) may struggle to triage those requests. But with Einstein in the picture, the customer service reps know which high-priority cases to address first and can even reward customers who, according to Einstein, feel positive toward the host company.

The solar panel retailer cuts down on time spent poring over data, improves customer relations, and identifies prime leads for up-sell campaigns.

The Road Ahead

The examples above are just a preview of what’s possible. The Einstein integration has unlocked a trove of revenue-generating and time-saving opportunities for all our Youreka customers. Image classification and sentiment/intent analysis, in particular, give users a practical way to achieve their core objectives with the help of AI. We will continue to adapt Youreka’s new Einstein features to high-impact use cases.